Up-to-speed with Optares Automotive

Optares Automotive helps global players and medium-sized companies in the automobile component sector, with a focus on first-tier suppliers. Our consultants help to identify and recruit highly-qualified specialists and mid-level to senior managers. Given the current lack of qualified personnel in the industry, our quick and precise identification of and approaches to suitable candidates give our clients a genuine advantage over their competitors. We think and act long-term and holistically.

Automotive - Fachgebiete

Areas of competence

Producers of automotive components are increasingly expected to deliver not just individual parts, but complete and complex systems. The pressure to improve and innovate is immense. The complexity of our task has also increased, and we are able to recruit for the following sectors:

  • project- & programme management
  • quality management
  • production & manufacturing
  • Lean management
  • Supply chain management
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Launch management
  • Research & development
  • Sales
  • Finance & controlling
  • Human resources
  • General management
Automotive - Dienstleistungen


Optares Automotive offer proven services and work to the high standards that all Optares customers have come to expect. The emphasis, of course, is on transparency, confidentiality and a comprehensive range of services. These include

  • Permanent placement
  • Interim management
  • Contract management
  • Direct search