Comprehensive services. Individual solutions.

There is wide range of reasons why companies ask Optares to help them. Sometimes vacancies arise at short notice and need to be filled quickly, perhaps on a temporary basis. Some companies are looking for new people who can deliver fresh impulses. Others are trying to find the perfect managing director, and are willing to wait until the right person is available.

The lives, careers and wishes of potential candidates also vary. Optares’ response to this twin challenge is to offer a wide range of services to deal with every situation:

  • defining individual needs
  • high-quality comprehensive recruitment services
  • all services can be individually combined
  • tailor-made solutions
Optares Leistungen Permanent Placement

Permanent Placement

Optares recruits for permanent positions all around Germany. We use proven online portals to identify suitable candidates and charge success-based-fees. Of course we also look for candidates within our own network, which we have built over the years and comprises highly-qualified individuals and attractive companies. This tried and tested multi-layered method means that we can be relied on when it comes to presenting employers with the right candidate – on time and as agreed.

An additional advantage of being part of the Optares network: our connections mean that we often hear about vacancies before they are advertised and know when people are considering a move before start actively looking for a job. This helps save our clients valuable time.

Optares Leistungen ICM

Interim managers

Our focus on the automotive and medical sector means that we often hear about new projects and short-term vacancies in advance. When it comes to finding managers and highly-qualified specialists for a limited time frame, both sides can profit from working with Optares.

The advantages: Freelance managers can start more quickly, and generally need less time to be up and running. Companies save taxes and social security, and can react more quickly to upturns and downturns of the market.

The interim managers themselves are happy to take on new challenges and widen their portfolio of experience. Their perspective on things profits from their experience with different companies’ approaches and policies. They are used to taking on projects they are the right fit for and their goal is its successful completion.

Optares Contract Management (Arbeitnehmerüberlassung)

Contract Managers


Our provision of expertise to our clients also includes so-called contract managers, who are employed by Optares and hired out to our clients. Given the trend towards short-term employment and moves by regulators both nationally and at EU-level to limit short-term contracts, this is a model with great potential.

If you need a highly-qualified manager but are unsure how long you will need this person for, then giving someone an open-ended contract is a real risk. Contract managers are available to you for as long as you need them, but will leave as soon as you have no suitable task for them.

This model is also attractive for the managers themselves. They are employed by Optares, and receive all the usual social security and health benefits, including paid holidays and sick leave. Placements often result in the manager leaving Optares and being directly employed by the company in which he or she has been placed. And when this is not the case, Optares looks for further suitable projects for the individual to work on.